Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter


[Flashback drabble]

"Ready to go?"

Will looked at Kevin, a little confused. "Go? Where?"

Kevin frowned. "The music festival, dummy."

"That's today?" Will quickly got off the couch. "Man, I totally forgot. Give me twenty minutes to get ready," he said, rushing to the bedroom.

"You've got ten," Kevin called after him.

"Not fair," Will shouted back. "You obviously knew I'd forgotten since I wasn't getting ready, but you didn't say anything. That's entrapment."

"Don't use cop terms with the cop," Kevin responded. "It's not entrapment. I just like seeing you scramble."

"'Cuz you're a jerk?" Will shot back.

Kevin laughed. "Maybe."
Tags: charloft drabble
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