Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

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I have a bug up my ass

Not literally, thank god.

No, I was just watching some show about beauty pageant scandals and I have this question:

Where does a competition get off saying that it's okay to have girls trotted out in skimpy bathing suits or dressed up like high class whores with their boobs about ready to pop out of their evening gowns, but it's not okay for said would be escorts to have taken a few topless photos? Seriously? You judge a woman based on her beauty and sex appeal then want to penalize her for cashing in on that at some other point in her life?

Orlando, if we ever have girl babies, they are never, ever to take part in this pageant shit. Our gorgeous girls will just have to become scientists or doctors or something else useful.
Tags: babies, musings 09, orlando 09
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