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CT50.1 Chance

March is going to be three years since I decided to get my very own journal. I had done it because my assistant, Sandy, had suggested it to me. That's when I was working in Seattle and still missing my life and friends in Hartford. I'd been out there for about six months by that time and had given up on ever finding anything more than a casual date or two, but I wasn't quite convinced that going online would be the right way to be more social. I was extremely resistant to the idea of sharing anything about myself on the internet and I came this close to never logging on.

If I had decided to go with that instinct, I never would have made the friends I have. I never would have met my husband. I never would have met my other partner. I would still be in Seattle, living with my boyfriend and being sure he's the best I could do. I'm happy today because I let my assistant talk me into getting some stupid online journal. The fact that things could have so easily been so different chills me.
Tags: couples therapy, friends 09, kevin 09, orlando 09, sandy 09, shy 09
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