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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I'm so happy we don't have neighbors. Not just because I love the privacy, but because I hate feeling obligated to make nice with someone just because they happen to live next door to us. Unless I lived on Wisteria Lane. I would so love to get rid of that token gay couple they have there and move in. Bree would be my homemaking guru, Susan would be my best gal pal I'd take out for karaoke, Gabrielle would be my pocket-sized diva, Katherine would totally be the one I sit down with to share a bottle of wine and bitchy stories about the rest of the neighbors, and Lynette would be my best gal pal for power lunches and reminiscing about the days when we had clout and actual power lunches. Oh, and Mrs. McCluskey would have to be my favorite cranky old lady neighbor to take grocery shopping.

Right, so I'd love having neighbors if they were like that dysfunctional bunch. But most of the folks you end up living next to in real life are annoying, inconsiderate morons. I think we should start our own commune. This way, we'd get to pick our neighbors and guarantee they're awesome. Well, there are no guarantees in life, but it's a nice thought.
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