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CL - Sunday - Choose Your Own Adventure

1. Post the beginnings of a story, leaving off at an important/fun/silly decision making point. (for example, the character opens up the door, and finds.....)

2. Give multiple choices for what might lie beyond (in our example, it could be - A Package, A Strip-o-Gram, An Angry Neighbor)

3. Someone comments on your story and chooses one of the options.

4. You write another story snippet, once again leaving off at a decision point with multiple choices...

5. Someone comments and chooses an option, you write from that point, etc.

6. Repeat until a) one of the choices winds up in an ending of sorts (a disaster? a happy ending? just the end of the tale), or b) you get tired of continuing the story.

OOC NOTE: Feel free to pick an option someone else already has. I can do multiple snippets for the same choice.

Will was desperate. His and Orlando's anniversary was coming up in a few days and he'd yet to find the perfect present for his husband. As he drove to the mall, he hoped that he would be able to find something at one of his favorite stores. Finally arriving at his destination, he'd just parked and was running inside when he saw...

A) a dog trapped in a car with the windows closed.
B) a young woman struggling with her shopping bags.
C) Bigfoot.
Tags: charloft
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