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Checking in from Mom's

I didn't have time to post anything before I left this morning, but, as I said I'd do, I'm keeping up my promise to see Mom and Pete once a month. I'm at Mom's now. I drove down this morning and we're going to have lunch together, then Pete's coming over for dinner. Harold's coming for dinner, too, and they're going to regale us with tales of their Inauguration Day adventures. They just got back yesterday, so I'm a little worried that Mom's going to be too tired to do all this stuff. I'm going to help cook dinner, no matter how much she objects. I never get to cook for her, so it'll be fun.

Tomorrow, I'm having lunch with Mia and then I'll head back to the island. I like the chance to get out and go on a long drive every now and then, so it's great. Plus, I know that Shy appreciates the alone time with Orlando and once he's feeling up to being babied by Mom and bombarded by Pete and Shane, I'll bring them both down here for a visit. Mom did mention to me that she and Orli have talked about her and Shane going out to the island sometime, so that should probably happen first. I can never tell how Shy's going to react to something, the poor sweetheart, but I think having Shane around might help. It can't always be fun to be surrounded by old fogies, plus Shane knows how to play those games Shy loves.

Heh. Speaking of Shane... I think he has a crush on a girl at school, but I can't get him to talk about it. He's just made a few comments about liking someone and blushes when I talk about him being in lurrrrve. Maybe he's just embarrassed to talk about it in front of Mom. I should ask Peter if Shane shared anything with him when the kid was staying over while Mom was away. If he does have a crush, I just hope it's on someone sweet and nice and not some popular but mean and bitchy girl. It would be so easy for someone to hurt him, and I wouldn't want it to be someone who isn't even worthy of him in the first place. I worry about him because he's still dealing with the loss of his mom and the last thing he needs is some girl being bad to him. So that's why I hope it's someone


Peter just scared the hell out of me. He took the day off and decided to come in here and read over my shoulder before grabbing me and making me scream like a girl. I swear, I didn't hear him. He's like a ninja. And now he's teasing me about wanting to beat up teenage girls because they're the only ones I know I can take in a fight. I may have to kick his ass later just to prove a point.

Okay, I'm off to grab some food with Mom and the Heathens. Baby, I miss you, and I'll be home tomorrow night. Give Shy a kiss for me.
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