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Proud to be an American. Now, move your head.

So, I'm watching the coverage of the inauguration, amazed by the massive crowds that have turned out to be a part of it, and I'm thinking, "Where the hell is my mother??" It's a big crowd and scanning the faces for any sign of her is fruitless, yet I'm doing it anyway. I shouldn't worry. I know she's safe. Harold went with her and he wouldn't let anything happen. She's probably having the time of her life and it's times like these I wish she carried her cell phone with her. I hope she brings me back a souvenir.

Okay, back to the TV. If anyone sees her, let me know!

ETA: Those little first children are so precious! And you just know they're going to grow up to be stunners.
Tags: current events 09, mom 09, mom's boy toy
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