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CL - Friday - Five favorite accomplishments

1. Proposing to Orlando. There were so many things that had to be planned and executed just so and it all came off without a hitch. He said yes, which was the biggest thing and probably the greatest accomplishment of my life.
2. Getting my MBA. Granted, I don't use it currently, but it did help me to make a good amount of money in a job I've happily left behind.
3. Orlando's 30th birthday party. Another big planned type thing. There was this fairy tale wonderland theme and these gorgeous little gifts for all of the guests. It was a perfect night.
4. My divorce. I'm not sure if I accomplished it so much as forced Talia's hand, but it sure did lift a heavy burden from my shoulders the day I signed those papers.
5. Winning the school spelling bee in the fourth grade. I still have my little trophy.
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