Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Sometimes all the crap is worth it

I shouldn't say crap. I should say pain or something a little more...polite. Or not. After all, everything with Shy after he came back felt like a big, steaming pile of crap to me. It was messy and it stank. I wasn't happy. Cut to present day and I can't believe that I felt that way. I'm finding out a lot about myself, lately, and I think it's safe to say that I'm changing. I'm evolving from a pretty selfish man to someone who's maybe a bit more giving and understanding. Or, again, not. Maybe I'm just in a good mood because Shy's been doing little things like kissing me good morning and good night and giving me and Orlando time for ourselves without a word or a dirty look. Maybe he's the one evolving. Actually, recovering would be a good word for it. He's starting to look a little more confident to me. I spoke to him about the offers to help him out with learning some self-defense. He first asked why I'd bother my friends for him (I want to spank his bottom when he says stuff like that), then said he liked the idea of looking into it for himself and making a decision on what to do (thanks for that, M!). I said that was just fine and he seemed satisfied. I love him. I want him to feel like himself again.

Oh! I got a call from Dr. Burditt today. I had left a message for him last week when he was out of town. Anyway, he called this morning because he was taking the holiday to catch up on some paperwork in his office and said that he's looking forward to working with me. He made it sound like we're doing a project together or something, so I said that to him and he said, "Will, that's exactly what we're doing. Between the both of us, I'm sure we're going to see you make the progress you need." I like him! Dr. Blackney sent him my file and he told me he'd been going over it so that I wouldn't have to worry about repeating everything all over to him. He's so sweet! Oh, my god, and he's got the sexiest accent (though understandably not as sexy as my boys' accents). He's British, came over here from England when he was 17 and got both his undergrad and graduate degrees here and has had his own practice for 7 years. He's 39, married with two kids, and lives in Bangor, ME. Where he lives came up because I asked what he'd done to be banished to a place like Lubec, and he said that he goes out there once a week to see patients who can't make it out to see him. Isn't that awesome? I really think I'm going to enjoy seeing him. I feel comfortable with him already and all we've done is speak over the phone. He seems really open but also really professional. Heh. Being the huge dork I am, I told him that I'd looked him up online, found a picture of him and thought that he was too cute to be a shrink. He laughed and sounded kind of embarrassed and then said, "Well, my dream of being a movie star died when I realized I couldn't act a lick, so here I am." After that we chatted about Orlando and acting and all sorts of stuff. I wonder if I'm going to be billed.
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