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Birthday morning

Will couldn't stop thinking about how sweet Orli's morning birthday breakfast had been last year. It almost hurt him to think about what a different person Shy had been, what different people they'd all been. He was determined to make this year just as special, but he knew he couldn't do it without Shy's help.

When Will had woken up early to go downstairs to prepare breakfast in bed for his husband, he was surprised to see that Shy was already in the kitchen.

"Morning," Will said quietly, so as not to spook the younger man.

"Hey," Shy said, looking up briefly from his task of juicing some oranges. "Got the kettle on and took out the stuff for waffles. Don't know how to mix it up, though."

"How come you're up?" Will asked, longing to give Shy a hug, but keeping his distance to be on the safe side.

Shy stopped what he was doing and frowned at Will. "It's Orli's birthday. You forgot?"

Will smiled, touched, then shook his head. "Nope, that's why I'm down here. I just thought..."

"You thought I'd have my head too far up my arse to remember, right?" There was a hint of amusement in Shy's eyes as he said it.

"Maybe a little bit," Will gently teased.

Shy shook his head. "Don't you worry. I want him to have a perfect day. He deserves it, y'know?"

This time, Will couldn't stop himself from hugging Shy, and as he wrapped his arms around him, he was so grateful to feel Shy relax in the embrace rather than tense up.

"You are a sweetheart," Will whispered and kissed Shy's cheek.

"Yeah, I know," Shy said, then gently elbowed Will away so he could get back to his juicing. "Oh, and this time, I want you to carry the tray and I want to carry the presents."

Will had bought something to give Orli from Shy, thinking that the other man would have been too distracted to shop, but he was sure that he'd kept everything out of sight. "How'd you--"

"You can't hide presents for shite, Will," Shy said, chuckling this time. "And, thank you. It's exactly what I would have gotten him myself."

Will was beaming as he set about getting the rest of the breakfast together. Orlando would be thrilled to know that he and Shy had worked together to make it a perfect morning.


Shy looks at Will and nods his head toward the bedroom door. "Ready?" he whispers, hand on the knob.

"Ready," Will says, glancing at the tray to make sure nothing's spilled. "Hit it."

With that, Shy flings the bedroom door open, and with just as much exuberance as the year before, he and Will both shout:

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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