Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

On the couch

Well, I'm not exactly on the couch right this minute, but I'm going to talk about my therapist and that seemed like a good subject line. I've been seeing David for a couple of years and my sessions are done over the phone nowadays. I can't stress enough the impact he's had on me. I might not do my private journal entries any longer (which he doesn't need to know) but he's helped me to sort through a lot of shit. Anyway, with this latest round of shit, he's a bit concerned that I might need more than our bi-weekly phone chats, so he's arranged for me to see someone who's just across the way on the mainland. I trust his judgment and have no doubt I'll get along just fine with this new person. His name is Graeme Burditt, he has a doctorate in psychology and does a lot of work with victims of trauma and their families. So, I'm thinking Orli and Shy might be able to get in there, too, if they wanted to. I just know that it'll feel good to go and talk to someone for an hour a week just to get affirmation that I'm not a bastard or an asshole or whatever else I call myself when I'm feeling really frustrated. I'm going to call him tomorrow to set up an appointment and make sure that David sent over my file so he knows what he's getting into. I'm going to miss David the same way I miss Janice, but I think that it's good to move on. I have a tendency to think of my therapists as friends and we get on that way and soon it's just not effective for me, anymore. I hope this Graeme guy is ugly and charmless but good at what he does.
Tags: david, graeme, orlando 09, shy 09
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