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Sisters are doing it for themselves

I spoke to Evie last night. Way back in aught seven, she'd gotten a movie deal for her script. Well, that never got off the ground due to...she gave me the term for it, but it boils down to the fact that they couldn't decide on a director and the whole thing got tanked. Being the smart girl she was, she retained the rights to it and has decided to make it herself. My big sister is going to be an independent filmmaker. I'm so excited for her! I want to get her one of those old fashioned director's megaphones and a beret. Now, I know that Orlando has retired and has no interest in getting back into acting, but I did volunteer him to possibly help her out with the casting. (If that's not okay, baby, I can call her right back and tell her. Though, let me discuss the details with you first. I was wondering what you'd think about investing in the venture.) She claims there's a part in it for me if I'm interested, but I really hope she was joking. I can act about as well as Orli can look like a troll, i.e. I can't. I used to think I could, but then I did it in front of other people and there was trauma (the blunt kind, to my ego). So, for the sake of my sister's success, I will refrain from once again taking the stage - though I guess it would be stepping in front of a camera - and let her cast someone else as "restaurant patron number 3."

I'm off to shower, now. Any volunteers to scrub my back?

Don't mind me, I'm feeling a bit giddy.
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