Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

OOC - a New Year's resolution

Sort of. More of a plan that happens to coincide with the new year. Before I get to that, did you notice I tweaked the banner? It gives Will hope for the future. That quote's by Pamela de Roy but I have no clue who that is. I liked the sentiment, though.

Back to the plan:

I've decided that I'd like for Will and Shy's journals to only be for IC, RP, and fic posts. There won't be anymore OOC posts made after this one because I'll be putting those somewhere else. Thanks to broadsword_babe for the idea of gathering all of my pups into one comm so I can post drabbles for the ones who bug me every now and then but not enough to actually commit them to a real comm, as well as posting OOC things pertaining to my pups or ranty type stuff, etc. I just don't want Will's journal tainted by OOC drama any longer because it really gets in the way of me enjoying him as a real person. So, if you'd like to see OOC posts or whatever snippets come from my other pups (I just can't bear to delete any of them!) you can join or watch over at mes_muses, or if you don't want me to know you're watching, you can just track it and lurk. Right now I'm the only one with posting access but nothing's being locked. I don't mind people seeing the posts, I just want to keep them separate from the pups' journals so if there's wank it can be contained to one place that's separate from play.

If I get ambitious, I might do a weekly prompt from the Writer's Digest website for some or all of my pups. Maybe just some. I love the WD prompts because they give you some pretty detailed scenarios to write about and that could be a challenge for different pups to do. Should I do that prompt thing, I'd give posting access to everyone if they wanted to share what their pups would write/think/say (I kind of miss casually passing around little stories with my friends). I really do want to make the time for my pups and RP in the coming year because it brings me joy when I get to play with my awesome RP playmates (that would be you guys). :)

Since this is my last OOC post in Will's journal, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best for the holidays and the coming new year.

Also, my folks are coming in this afternoon so, like everyone else, I'll be MIA more often than not during this festive holiday season. :D

*gives big hugs and mugs of cyber cocoa*
Tags: ooc
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