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OOC - Just to clarify

I've had a diet Pepsi and banished my headache, watched some "Ghost Hunters" and refrained from hurling my computer out of the window (the latter being the most important since I heart my Mac). I wanted to say a few things now that I'm feeling better.

My last OOC post was not meant to be an indictment of the Tammys. It was making a point about how awful it is to have an IC thing attacked by someone OOC. It really sucks, especially because I am not shy about expressing myself OOC and dealing with that. But when I'm attacked by muns for something my pup said? Man, that really upsets me, especially when it's surrounding something that's meant to be silly fun for the pups.

(Cordelia's mun did it to me years ago and it sucked enough for me to still remember it after all this time. Honestly, this stuff stays with me even if no one else cares. BTW, Kara's mun had her pup do something I never saw but heard about in response to something my pup said, and I appreciated the thought even if what my pup said had nothing to do with her. See? There's a difference. It was an in game, though misdirected, attack.)

And anyone who knows my pup knows that he tends to go off on a tangent when something sparks a thought in his head. If a pup had written and said the same things, his reaction would most likely have been, "Yeah? Well...you... Um... I can't be expected to actually pay attention to what I'm ranting about," and I would have been laughing at how stupid my boy can be. It's not personal when a pup gets what might be coming to him. It's personal when a mun gets reamed for writing a bit of fiction for her fictional character. This, this, this is what really pissed me off. Not the Tammys.

I'm not pulling Will from the awards and I don't want anyone thinking I hate the awards or the people behind them. I'm hurt and I'm upset, but I'm not going to badmouth the intention behind the awards. Honestly, it gives me a laugh if Will or Orli win anything they're nominated for, and when they don't, it's still nice to know people are thinking about them. AND when Will's not nominated for something he thinks he should be (hottest body part or something like that), he might get miffed but I usually look at the other nominees and go "Ohhh, yeah." Yes, I have gone, "Who's that?" on occasion, but it's my understanding that that's the point behind opening this stuff up to everyone in every comm in an attempt to make it seem less exclusive or divisive than it's seemed in the past (that's my take on it, anyway).

I know there's been a lot of drama surrounding the Tammys every year (which is why I didn't blink when they were brought to a close before), and I can understand a lot of it on both sides, trust me. But that doesn't mean that I want people to use my experience as an excuse to go off on the awards themselves. I wasn't out to prove a point about them. Will could have easily ranted about selfish, shallow actors and awards season and gotten thwapped by his own husband, but he decided to tie two things together (criticism of Oscar campaigning and his own crankiness because they were on his mind at the same time). So, if you're feeling inclined to address someone with complaints on my or my pup's behalf, please, respectfully, don't. I appreciate the support, but I don't think it's fair to make one assumption based on something else.

I'm leaving up Will's post and I'm leaving up my last OOC post. Anyone who saw them will see this, too.

And now my headache's back, damn it. *goes in search of drugs*
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