Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter


I hate when people attach OOC notes to their posts because they feel the need to explain their pup's feelings. HATE it. The pup is the pup and should be able to stand on his or her own. It's why I only do it when I need to explain a plot point or set up t. I hate the fact that anyone has to do it because they're afraid of getting flamed. For all the people running around about how mature they are and how this is just a game and IC does not equal OOC, etc., there should be no possible need for OOC notes in posts. Well, I've been flamed for Will's last post by the owner of the Tammys. I just noticed that she deleted her post to me, but since it was written in my pup's journal and I felt the need to defend myself, I want to show what she originally said. I don't think it can piss her of any more than she already is. I'm totally at a loss for words and the attack actually made me break down in tears because I honestly thought she of all people would get it. Anyway, this was the response:

[Original comment deleted as it was brought to my attention that the intention was to label it as 'private' though that didn't happen. If it had, I would never have made it public.]

If this had been written IC to my pup, that would have been one thing and he could have been all properly chagrined, etc. But it was very blatantly written OOC to ME and that's not cool and reeks of hypocrisy. I know that the boys have been nommed for trio in the past and I know that the Kevin storyline has gotten some attention. Will is not thinking of the boys being a trio right now. He's not thinking about much but it being him and Orli. Seriously. WILL. Not me. I really used to get a kick out of all this stuff, but now I just feel sick about it.
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