Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Flashback - February 2005 - Pt. 6

The meeting with Peter in his office had ended abruptly when Mr. Fairhaven insisted that Deidre let him speak with Will. It was for the best, Will reasoned, because he wasn't entirely sure where things would have gone had he and Peter remained alone in such an emotional state. So, the two of them had reluctantly said their goodbyes, and Will had gone on with his work day, his mind forced to focus on something else besides the man who was threatening to change his life in every way possible.

After a day that gave him some distance from Peter, Will began to think that he'd made a mistake to say the things he had to his friend. He decided that he had simply gotten caught up in the moment and therefore had no right to lead Peter on in that way. But then part of him was scolding himself for wanting to do to Peter what he had done all those years ago. There was no way he could shut Peter out again without losing him once and for all, but he couldn't put the life he'd built with Talia at risk for something he wasn't entirely sure about.

Dinner was spent making idle chatter with Talia. He didn't taste his food and his responses to her questions were distracted and disjointed. If she noticed, she didn't say anything, but he knew that he would have to get himself together before she started to suspect something. After dinner, he told Talia he wanted to take Jake and Lani for a walk. He needed to clear his head.

The cool evening air was a welcome change from the overly warm house. Talia liked to keep the thermostat at a higher temperature than Will liked because she hated to be even the slightest bit too cool. When he was feeling particularly mean, he liked to think it was because she was such a naturally cold woman, she needed the extra heat.

It was when he had that negative thought about his wife that he took out his cell phone and dialed Peter's number. He was only calling to say hello and nothing else. He wouldn't confess to any feelings or expect Peter to share anything that personal with him. But the second he heard Peter's voice when he picked up, Will felt a surge of excitement and affection fill him and make him stop in his tracks.

"Hey, it's me."

"I know. I have caller ID." Peter sounded distracted.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting you?" Will asked, hoping his friend wasn't angry at him for not calling sooner.

"I have someone over. Can I call you tomorrow?"

It was as if Peter had punched him in the stomach, and that was when Will realized that no matter how much he wanted to deny what he was feeling for his friend, the truth was that Peter was incredibly important to him. Before he could let himself get too carried away with being upset, though, Peter followed up his statement.

"It's a client," he clarified, as if he knew that Will would be upset. "Call me at the office tomorrow, all right?"

The professional detachment made more sense now and Will felt a huge wave of relief wash over him. He wanted to chastise himself for how emotionally flustered he was feeling.

"All right," Will said softly. "Or...I could call you back later. I really wanted to talk to you." As soon as he said it, he winced, knowing he sounded far too needy.


Will heard a muffled voice in the background that cut off Peter, then his friend came back on the line.

"I, um, this might go kind of late," Peter said, lowering his voice. "Let me give you a call when I'm finished here."

"O-okay." Will was hesitant to have Peter call him and risk waking Talia. "But maybe... I'm worried about Talia wondering why you're calling me so late."

There was another comment made by whoever was there with Peter, and finally Peter whispered, "Call me back at ten minutes after midnight."

The line went dead before Will could agree, but he would definitely call.
Tags: fic, peter
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