Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Flashback - February 2005 - Pt. 3

A week later...

Will frowned at the loan application on his desk. He'd already rejected it, but his supervisor had told him to look at it again and see if there was a way to make it work on paper. That had meant that Will would have to do some creative paperwork in order to do what would end up being a favor for a good friend of Mr. Fairhaven's. It was times like these that made Will wonder why the old man even bothered having a staff. If he wanted to give loans to bad risks, that was his business, but there was no reason he should include Will in that.

"Mr. Porter, you have a call on line one. It's Mr. Cavanaugh."

"Thank you, Deidre," Will said, already smiling as he picked up the phone, grateful for the distraction.

"Hey, Pete."

"Hello, Mr. Porter," Peter chuckled. "I think this is the first time I'm calling you at work, isn't it?"

"Yep. You usually call me on my cell phone," Will said, tapping a pen on his desk. "What's up?"

"I'm an idiot. My cell phone's dead and I don't have your cell number written down. So I looked up Hamilton-Fairhaven in the phone book and kept asking for you."

"That doesn't make you an idiot," Will said. "It makes you a guy with a dead cell phone. I'm glad you got a hold of me, though."

"Me, too. I was wondering if you'd like to go to dinner with me tonight."

Will hated the way he could feel himself blushing at the request. He knew that it was just dinner. He was a married man. A married straight man, he reminded himself. He'd gotten very good at repeating that mantra inside his head ever since the funeral. And he knew that Peter was interested in nothing more than having a meal and catching up on old times. It worried him a little that he had entertained the idea of Peter wanting anything more. Their talk after the wake had made it clear where Peter stood and once Will had sat down and thought things through, he knew it was all for the best. He was straight, he reminded himself again. Really, really straight. And married.

"Hello? Will, you there?"

"Yeah, I'm just looking over my calendar," Will lied. He was sure Peter would make fun of him if he knew just how confused Will had been feeling in the days since he and Peter had re-entered each other's lives. Or maybe he wouldn't. He'd understand because he knew Will so well.

"Damn, you know I didn't even think to see if you were free. I shouldn't be asking you at the last minute like this."

"No, it's okay," Will said, perhaps a little too quickly. "I can push some meetings around and get together with you. It's fine."

"I'm back in your life for a week and already you're juggling things for me," Peter said, his voice amused. "But don't go out of your way or anything, okay?"

"It's fine," Will said again. "Really, it is." He stopped before he started sounding too eager to please. "What time will be good for you?"

"Um, how does seven sound?"

"Great." Will smiled, then remembered that he had promised Talia he'd be home for dinner. "Shit, wait."

"What is it?"

"I have to go home for dinner, tonight," Will sighed. "I promised Talia. I've been working so many late nights, I told her I'd make the time for her."

"Ah, you're a good husband," Peter said good-naturedly. "Tell you what. Can you spare me an hour this afternoon?"

Something in Peter's voice made Will want to agree right then and there, but he knew he'd definitely have to ask Deidre to work some magic for him. "I'll talk to my assistant and she'll free up some time for me."

"Great," Peter said, sounding happy that he'd get to see his friend. "I just had some stuff to talk to you about and would feel better doing it face to face."

"What kind of stuff?" Will asked.

"That would sort of defeat the purpose of doing it face to face," Peter laughed.

"Well, give me some kind of idea. Is it business or is it personal?"

"If it was business, I'd come down and see you there," Peter said.

"So, it's personal?"

Peter sighed. "Will, it's nothing bad, I promise. I'm just feeling kind of blue about Kory and didn't want to bend your ear about it on the phone."

Will felt guilty that he'd been so self-involved, he'd forgotten to just be there for his friend when he needed him. "I'm sorry, Peter. Of course you don't want to talk about it over the phone."

"No need to be sorry," Peter said softly. "Just show up for lunch."

"Okay," Will smiled, "I'll have my assistant call you with a time while I crank out some more work."

"Sounds good, Mr. Bigshot," Peter teased. "See you soon."
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