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Will Porter

Flashback - February 2005 - Pt. 1

ooc: For NaNo this year, I decided to write some stories about Will's past that I'd been meaning to write pretty much since he signed up with Livejournal back in 2006. These bits deal with his sorta coming out and take place after this snippet I wrote a while back.

After the funeral, Will had followed Peter back to his place where a small gathering of Kory's friends and relatives was taking place. There wasn't much opportunity for Will to talk to Peter, and while he understood it, he couldn't help feeling selfish enough to want his friend to himself for a little while. He watched Peter talking to a man he believed was Kory's old drama teacher and found himself wondering if he would have liked Kory. The tiniest pang of jealousy rose up, startling him a little. It was at that moment, when Will was standing in a corner, drink in hand, that Peter looked over at him and excused himself from the conversation he was having. Will stood up a little straighter as Peter approached him.

"I'm neglecting you."

Will raised his eyebrows. "Me? No...no, Peter, don't you even give me a second thought. Honestly, please..." His words tapered off when he recognized the same amused glint in Peter's eyes he used to see when they were younger. It was usually a signal that Peter didn't believe a word he was saying. The knowledge that after all of this time, his best friend could still read him made him blush.

Peter couldn't help smiling when he saw the color rise in Will's face. "I haven't seen you in twelve years and there I am making small talk with a man who felt the need to tell me how good Kory was at playing death scenes." Peter pulled a face. "I'd much rather go somewhere and play catch up with you, trust me. All of this funeral stuff is getting really depressing."

Will leaned forward a little and whispered, "I think that's kind of the point."

"Well, Kory would have hated it," Peter said, his smile becoming a little more pained. "He told me he wanted one of those loud, celebratory types of funerals they have in New Orleans. He said he didn't want the party to end just because he had."

That news made Will like the man he'd never had a chance to meet. "So what happened?"

"His mother and his sister happened," Peter said bitterly. "When I told them his wishes, they dismissed it as just some gay thing I wanted to do to embarrass them."

"No way." Will glanced at the women in question. "But, you know, grief makes people do strange things. I bet they'll regret it later."

"Maybe." Peter took Will's glass from his hand and took a sip. "Can we get out of here?" he asked before downing the rest of the liquor.

"Um, sure, but don't you think it'll look weird for you to leave your own place during the wake?" Will wanted to get away, but he wasn't sure Peter was thinking too clearly at the moment.

"Grab your stomach," Peter whispered.

Will frowned. "Huh?"

"Hold onto your stomach like it's hurting you."

"Okay..." Will put a hand to his stomach and scowled, doing his best to look like he had a stomach ache. It was odd how easy it was for him to fall in line whenever Peter told him to do something. He would have laughed at himself if he wasn't supposed to be in pain. For good measure, he added a groan.

"Hey, man, you okay?" Peter asked loud enough for anyone around them to hear. Before Will could come up with an answer, he added, "I'll get you back to your hotel room. I know how that intestinal flu can be." He took hold of Will's arm and nodded at one of the other mourners. "Please tell Kory's mother I'll be back in a little while. Will took a red eye from Tuktoyaktuk to be here even though he's really sick. I need to get him out of here before he ruins that pretty suit of his."

Will had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing and was relieved when the man said he'd pass on the message. Once they were outside and safe within the confines of Will's car, Will secured in the passenger seat, he punched Peter's arm.

"Ow!" Peter rubbed his arm and started the engine. "What'd you do that for?"

"The runs? Really? That was the best you could come up with?"

"I wanted something no one would want to discuss in detail." Peter grinned at Will as he said it, and suddenly Will felt as if he was 16 again and joining Peter on his latest caper.

"I've missed you," Will said softly.

Peter's smiled faded slightly, and he pulled out onto the road. "We need to talk."

"Okay," Will nodded. Perhaps Peter had decided that he didn't really want to have him back in his life. After the way things had gone down between them all those years ago, Will couldn't exactly blame him. "Where are we going?"

"My office. It's closed, we'll have some privacy."

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