Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Going to the island

After this.

Will is angry when he gets in the car and heads from his apartment to the dock. Usually, being this close comforts him, but this time he's wishing he had a bit more time to calm down. He's glad that he'll have the boat ride over to get his thoughts together because it's really no one's fault. Shy hasn't been thinking straight and Orlando was probably caught so off guard, he hadn't been thinking either. He stops that line of thought when he realizes that he's trying to let them both off the hook because he loves them. The truth is that they shouldn't have been so careless. There was no telling what Kevin had picked up in prison, and he knows damn well Kevin wouldn't have used protection with Shy.

He gets onto the boat, smiling stiffly at the driver before he goes to the front of the boat and stares out at the water, his mind racing and trying not to panic.
Tags: kevin, orlando, shy
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