Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Horse meme from my hubby

What breed of horse are you? Find out!

Arabians are arguably the most beautiful breed of horse in the world. The bright, enourmous eyes, the graceful arching neck, and the famous dished face. You have a fiery temper, it takes quite a rider to tame your spirit. In a good mood, you may be found elegantly trotting the length of the fence with elevated gaits, and your mane and tail waving like flags in the wind. Everyone envies your beauty... but beware if they make you mad!
Your owner is most likely to be rich, and own a famous arabian breeding barn. You'll probably have an entire web site dedicated to you.
Your colour will most likely be: Reddish Bay, Dapple Grey, Palomino, or a glimmering Chestnut.
Tags: meme 08
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