Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Is it just me

or could Great Balls of Fire be about a venereal disease? Goodness, gracious, my wang's about to fall off.

Sorry. I'm in an odd mood today. I've been listening to some songs I usually like to listen to with Orlando and it's making me blue when it should be making me feel better. Mom's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Peter's in about a month. I don't know what's going to happen for Thanksgiving or Christmas. If Shy doesn't want me back by then, I won't get to spend them with my husband because I just know Shy will insist on Orli being with him. We've been writing each other* and it seems to be going all right, but I can never tell how he's going to feel about me from one day to the next. C'mon, Niblet, let's be a family again.

When did my life become such a huge lump of doggie doo?

And now "Let's Get It On" is playing and this is where I'd grab Orlando and slow dance with him in our living room just because I love him. Sway, sway, kiss, kiss, dip, giggle, sway some more, hold on and never let him go. That's the best part about hugging him. He fits so perfectly in my arms, it really seems as if nothing could ever make him leave them.

Now, it's "Sexual Healing." I'm sure I don't have to say where this would lead, though I can't listen to it now without giggling because of the time Wendell had a near death experience when Orlando and I almost crushed him when we fell onto the couch. I miss my damn dogs and cats. And kissing my Boo's belly so he giggles, then kissing it again so it's not so much a giggle anymore but something a bit more NC-17.

Okay, time to stop this pity party. I'm going to see if Legolas wants to go shopping.

ooc: *Mun is working on the correspondence and will post them at a later date in all their bendy-timed glory.
Tags: legolas, orlando, shy
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