Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

A few post election thoughts

First off, I don't usually get too political now that I've gotten older because that way lies madness, I've found. But I am happy that we have elected someone who seems as if he'll make an attempt to put his country before his own ego. We shall see. On a side note, I love those two little girls and his wife. They are such a good-looking family. Mom's been stumping for Obama for what feels like forever, so she was happy to squeal at me yesterday morning. And she wants to go to D.C. for the inauguration. I think I'll go ahead and book her a flight and a hotel and surprise her with that trip as a Christmas present.

I'm sitting here with a bagel and schmear, a cup of coffee, and a heavy heart. I've been reading about the propositions that passed banning gay marriage. Why do straight people hate us so much they want to deny us a human right that way? It's really bothering me. I know that the only place our marriage is recognized is Vermont, but the point is that it's recognized. I hate it when people say that civil unions afford gays the same rights that marriage would. They don't. I have a will that leaves everything to Orlando and Shane. (If I die before Mom, I know that Orlando will do right by her. I have no worries about that. And Evie doesn't want anything left to her because she finds wills too depressing. She'd rather I give her something while I'm still alive. :)) But if I didn't, let's say something happened to me and he and I only had a civil union. If the only family I had was some third cousin twice removed who wanted to lay claim to my estate, they would legally have the right because it would not automatically go to my spouse. He would lose everything of mine because the law wouldn't recognize that he had the right to inherit everything the way Talia would if she and I were still married. Civil unions mean having to go through the adoption process in order to be a legal guardian to any children, but marriage would provide the same rights to guardianship that straights have. Gay marriage is not just about gays wanting to "be like" heterosexuals to piss them off or spit in the face of "traditional" marriage, or whatever those cretins think it is. It's to give us the same rights that straight spouses have that we don't get with a civil union. So, don't think that anyone's being particularly supportive if they leave us with that and nothing else. It makes me so sad for the couples who don't have their shit together the way Orlando and I do.

I wish there was a way to monitor all the straight people who voted to ban gay marriage and make sure that they never get divorced. Honestly, that's the biggest threat to "traditional" marriage, isn't it? And if they do get divorced, they shouldn't be allowed to get married again since they clearly violated the sanctity of that union. That's no more ridiculous than denying a man or woman the right to marry their partner just because they happen to be of the same gender.

I'm sad. On the same day this nation made great strides towards equality by electing the first non-white president in its history, it took more steps backwards by continuing to oppress the one group it's still all right to hate. For just one second, imagine a proposition passing today that would ban marriage between African-Americans or between people of different races. No one would stand for that. Yet so many want to step all over us without a second thought. I don't usually run around waving my rainbow flag, but this has really struck a nerve with me.

Random: Paul Rudd is adorable and I'm going to eat my breakfast now.
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