Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

OOC - L.A. and P.S.A.

I'm here.

There, that's the L.A. part.

Now for the P.S.A.

I just read a friend(whoshallremainnameless)'s post about how badly she's been feeling about her writing and RP, lately, and it made me really angry. It pisses me off that something that should be a hobby and FUN can make someone feel like shit. Especially someone who seems to be a genuinely sweet soul. Just...arrgh!!!!! Seriously, why do so many of us put up with the drama and the bullshit that comes with having to interact with a bunch of strangers? Granted, when any of us start out, most of the folks we end up clicking with began as strangers and have become friends. I love when that happens. But, unfortunately, a lot of people end up being real bitches. There, I said the B-word. Another B-word is backstabber. More often than not these two go hand in hand. This is the reason why I'm extremely content to be off the radar and only interact with a handful of trusted partners, now. I've lost count of the number of times I've been burned or lied to and now I know exactly who will have my back and who won't.

So, here's the P.S.A. part for those of you who aren't content with my kind of secluded life. If you're tired of feeling ignored or neglected or wistful for the good old days when your pup was popular, check out weekly TV ratings. Pick a show from the top 20, try to grab a lead character, join a comm. That's it. From what I've seen, you don't really have to have any real kind of talent to be popular, just a character that's popular right now.

If you know me, you know my tongue's firmly in my cheek. If you don't and decide to flame me, you may kindly take that flame and insert it and your computer into your ass and call it a day. I'm back in the city, now. I've gotten my spine back and, as always, I will not keep my mouth shut when it comes to defending people. (For the record, I've gotten used to not being defended by the folks I thought were my friends because they're too afraid of alienating the people who have given me shit in the past. Shit, forget defending. I would have taken getting an "I know that really sucks" from them, but that would be asking too much. Anyway, friendship is not always a two way street and I'm honestly better off for knowing that.) If, however, you want to try and be popular again and don't wish to be tied to me or my pups in order to accomplish that, just let me know. Will started out solo and he can go back to that once I drug him. :D
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