Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Uh oh - meme-age from Snake

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Will Porter, you have no clue on parenting.
Total Chaos
Register for a class in parenting right away. You can see things going wrong but have no clue how to set them right or control. In fact, are your children running your house for you? Your lack of control has relegated you to the background. Shrugging off your responsibility as a parent is unforgivable. In your desire to be a �chilled-out� parent, don�t become nonchalant or blas�. Parenting means effort and taking the role seriously. You need to think of the consequences and repercussions of what you say and do. Understand the implications of excess and indifference. Don�t throw up your hands. Take charge. Set clear dos and don�ts and let it be known who is the parent.

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Baby, help!!!
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