Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

TM250. Write page 57 of your 300-page autobiography.

been for Peter, I never would have had as many friends as I did in high school. I also wouldn't have gotten into as much trouble during our summer breaks as I did. The public indecency arrest was the worst thing on record, but there were plenty of times that he and I barely got away from the police after a night of running around town seeking out trouble in the name of fun. My mother was understanding of my rebellious streak and kept my indiscretions from my father. On the few occasions when a neighbor or other loose-lipped adult would inform him of my summer evening activities, I would take the screaming and hitting and then plan something even better that I could do to embarrass him and his so-called standing in the community. My father's treatment of me would often lead Peter to make threats against him during our late night talks, but I made him promise never to get into it with my dad. My best friend was also my savior simply by being there for me and loving me when it felt as if no one else could. I never wanted anything to happen to him. That was why ending our friendship a few years later was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to do.
Tags: dad, mom, peter, tmuse
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