Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

OOC - Shy plot

Okay, I'm taking a break from the packing (how in the world did I get so much CRAP? I'm throwing out a lot of it and that feels great) so I can get the Shy plot straight. This is mostly for my benefit, but I'm leaving it public so dates are clear. I'm not including links because...well, it's all in here somewhere, though the dates don't match when the posts were made and are bendy-timed.

August 18 - Will and Orli go to Wes and Aidan's house with B and end up ouija-ing with Wes. That night, Kevin goes to the island and abducts Shy.

August 18/19 - Snake, Logan and Legolas show up on the island to help out the boys. (This one is still being completed.)

August 19 - September 17 Various posts about Shy's experience, phone calls from Kevin, Orli and Will dealing. The 17th is when Kevin makes that last call and Will says he'll go with him.

September 18 - Kevin shows up at the island, chaos ensues. This one still has to be set up and can be played out at the leisure of the muns involved due to RL obligations :)

So, technically, Shy's been back since the 18th but everything is going to be bendy-timed until we can catch up.
Tags: ooc, shy
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