Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

OOC: All righty

We're heading back south on Thursday morning. Since we still have a buttload of stuff to do before then, that means my pup'll be out of touch for longer than usual. We should be back home by Friday evening and I hope to be up and running by Saturday night or Sunday. After that I'm going to be getting ready to head back to L.A. and return to my job with the Department. Instead of working in the Captain's office at a division, I'll hopefully be getting a position with Internal Affairs in downtown L.A. or R&I at Parker Center (I might run into wolfwithaguitar ;) Even though the LAPD doesn't have interns who work in records, it would be nice if they did). All of that to say that the next month will probably be insane and I'm both dreading and looking forward to it. At the very least I'll be keeping up with prompts so the boys don't expire.

That's it for now. Back to work.

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Tags: ooc, rl plans
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