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OOC - A quandary

Since this thing with Shy and Kevin has started, I'm having a hard time not wanting to see Will killed by Kevin before Kevin's killed. I don't know why. I love my boy and he's still my favorite pup, but I'm not having fun writing him anymore. His voice was so strong when I started writing him in original fic (before he ever joined TM) and then when I got him on LJ, he finally came completely alive for me. He's still running around in my head, wanting to do and say all this stuff, but he can't for some reason. He used to write daily entries about his life but now he doesn't have much to say. Maybe domestic life doesn't agree with him anymore or he's got nothing to say. I'll try to get a kidnap post done for him and see if that gets anything stirring. In the meantime, I've got Shy crying to come home so he can stop freaking himself out. And the last person he wants to see is Will. Maybe it's the fact I've had these two pups warring in my head over another pup and neither of them is as happy as they could be because of it. I know that might sound odd, but it would have been easier if one or the other was done by someone else so I wouldn't have to water down both of them. That's what it feels like I've done and I hate it.

I obviously won't do anything drastic with Will until I've discussed it with Orli's mun, but I have to be honest and say that I'm just not feeling the joy I used to. That makes me really sad.

I'm disabling comments for this because I'm really not fishing for anyone to tell me they like Will or whatever if they'd be so inclined. I just needed to express my dissatisfaction with my current situation and hope that it will explain the overall suckage that is coming out of my keyboard nowadays.

Thanks for listening.
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