Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Arrivals [for whoever's joining the boys on the island]

[ooc: Each arrival can start a new thread and interact between threads as you like, if that's the easiest. Sorry it took so long to post this. :(]

As Will chops potatoes, he's glad that he has something else to focus on while he waits for his friends to arrive on the island. He'd called one of his local friends on the mainland and asked if he'd mind ferrying folks over for him, so he wouldn't have to leave Orli alone to do it himself. Right now, the last thing he wants to do is leave the man he loves alone, even for an instant.

He and Orli had both taken care of burying Lani and Jake. The old dogs had loved the hikes along the cliffs, so Will had chosen a spot under a huge tree that gave a good view of the water. He'd cried as he put shovel to earth, remembering them as puppies and all the ways they would drive Talia crazy. Even the silliest things came back to him, like the time Lani had stolen Jake's treat and been chased through the house by the little dog, disrupting a book club meeting Talia was having in the sitting room. It would be so strange to go back to the house and not see Lani giving him that big, goofy grin he always did. Still, concentrating on the boys' loss was temporarily easing him of the guilt of Shy being taken.

Clearing his throat as he tries to rid himself of the anger and anxiety starting to creep back in, Will returns to his task of preparing food for the arrivals. He isn't sure if anyone will want to eat, but he has to keep Orlando and himself busy. Making a big pot of homemade beef stew is exactly the way to do that. He's recruited his husband to help him, unwilling to let him have too much time to start thinking about what's happening to Shy.

"Honey, the guys'll be here soon. Do we have anymore bread left? Or should I make some while I'm at it?"

It's an inane question, but if Will doesn't talk about nonsense, he'll start cursing himself again.
Tags: legolas, logan, orlando, shy, snake, tom
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