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OOC - Love meme

Name a hand full of people you RP with, read, or have heard of. Say something positive, a reason why you like their characters, or the players. Anything that is constructive, positive, and better than the general: <3!!

I'm going to list all the muses that all my pups (will_porter, shyboy86 and mulder1013) want to give shout outs to and then cross post because I'm short on time and lazy. :)

orlandomuse - This one's a given. When I first got Will talking to Orlando, it was with the goal of trying to see if Will could do something to make a sad pup happy. Well, it ended up being the best thing for my boy and for me. Not only is he really well-written and able to surprise me after all this time, but his mun is just one hell of an awesome person. Much love has to go to Orli!Mun for proving that it was possible to have an RP partner who wasn't all about the drama and trying to make me feel bad. That means more than I can ever say. You made this fun for me again, hon, and I'm glad we've become friends because of it.

I'd also like to take this chance to get something off my chest and publicly apologize to queen_c_tm's mun for allowing the boys to move more quickly than she wanted them to in the beginning. She got really upset with me and I think still hates me and my pup to this day for it, which is completely valid. Anyone with a strong muse knows that you can't stop them from doing their own thing when they want to do it, and, unfortunately, my quest to let Will be himself led to major misunderstanding. But nothing was ever done with any malice as my regular RP partners can attest.

woodlandprince - This pup is the best Legolas I have ever seen. I can't begin to praise the mun enough for her grasp on the character and her writing skill. It's a joy to read anything she does and Will adores her Points. If you've never read his journal entries, please do.

logan_maxwell - One of the first friends Will made on LJ and one of the few he's still close to and trusts. I love how real he is, so kudos to his mun for making him a living, breathing person with a fascinating past. I especially love how his relationship with foreverdriven has grown in such a natural, real way. These two are magic together.

_call_me_snake_ - What can I say? Will's baddest (as in bad ass) friend and the man who keeps him from getting too smug and self-righteous about what he thinks and believes. I love a pup who challenges mine while knowing that it's not the mun getting personal. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to RP in a "safe zone" where IC truly is not OOC. I have to send much love to Snake!Mun for being so cool and knowing that al of this is a GAME. BTW, because of this pup, I finally got around to seeing "Escape from New York." I've gotta tell you, I felt as if I watching someone I already knew because of the magnificent job his mun does with him. Brilliant.

lt_wes_janson - Another one of those folks like Logan and Snake who were among the first to interact with my boy and who're still an important part of his life. I adore this pup. Maybe even more than Will does! He's so much fun and jovial, but he's got a serious side and the mun manages to balance it all in order to make him three-dimensional and someone you can really care about. Thank GOD, he's coming back. When you add aoutlaw321 into the mix, you've got another fabulous couple. Aidan manages to be wicked yet innocent, and has a joy for life that's contagious. Well, he did before he DIED. *scowl* Shout out to Aidan!Mun for the sweet way she plays B, too. Too precious.

nosaint_justme - Shy loves him because he's got such a kind heart, and I feel the same way. Here's this OC who seems so real and fleshed out, and who managed to turn my boy's head when I least expected it. Again, you can't control what pups feel when they want to feel it, and, in Shy's case, it really was because Tom's mun made him so appealing. Their relationship is going to last and I know they'll remain great friends.

jason_locke - Man, this pup rocked Mulder's world the first time around. This time around, the same thing's happening but with a wonderful twist. I love his new backstory and the thought and care his mun's put into it. I also love that it's so easy to do RP (when my boy decides to talk. He's been kind of quiet this week. I'm not exactly sure why) for these two because they fit so well. If I didn't say it before, let me say it now: It's good to have you back.

diagnosis_truth - This pup did something for Mulder that I never thought possible. She's got him loving her. You know, loving her. I believe it's a testament to how beautifully this character is written and the fact that I really have to raise my game in order to feel worthy of RPing with her. I'm really grateful that the "real" Mulder is having a chance to show his face thanks to this Scully. Read her if you get the chance. Wonderful.

Now for the folks I don't do proper RP threads with but who chat with my pups either occasionally or regularly. Or not at all! I LOVE you guys:

r_vecchio (I ALWAYS laugh, whether it's Shy or Will talking to you. Probably one of the most fun muses around.); and_you_love_me (Miss you, girlie! One of the most spot on characters I've seen.); and (Absolutely brilliant. The mun's captured the voices of these pups with such accuracy, they're a joy to read. I was such a huge fan of the show and I never feel let down by these pups the way I do so often with other characters.); mr_colbert (So good, sometimes I swear this is the real deal. I don't know who's pulling the puppet strings, but what a talent.); ilookgreat (Another voice that rings so true, it's a joy to read. But WHERE ARE YOU??); shaman_x (Mike rocks. I don't know much at all about X Men or mutants but I do know that.); beefcakecop (Holy shit, I have never laughed so hard in my life.)

Okay, this is getting really long, so I'll end it here. There really are a lot of folks I appreciate, some who aren't around anymore and some who I only see when I check my flist. I can't name them all.
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