Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter


[sarcasm] Even birds are part of the vast left-wing conspiracy to make global warming (or, climate change as it's being called now since that "warming" part seems to confuse the literal and the stupid) seem like a real thing. [/sarcasm]


If my dad were alive, he'd be one of those right-wing nutjobs denying the science of climate change because... Actually, I can't think of a reason why anyone with an IQ above room temperature would be so set against polluting less just in case it really is harming the planet. Maybe it's because Al Gore's so vocal about it. He's not my favorite person, sure, but I'm wondering if it would have gone over better for those morons if Ronald Reagan (bless his soul) had gotten up there and started talking about it. Seriously, that would be enough to make me pay attention to it. Well, that and the fact that what we're seeing is more than the normal average change in weather patterns that have occurred during the Earth's history.

Anyway, I'm going to try and live a little greener just in case. It can't really hurt and I have nothing invested in big oil. Maybe we should trade in the SUV and get one that's a hybrid. We're already pretty self-sufficient and I do have a nice little compost heap going for when we start getting serious with a veggie garden. I've switched out all the light bulbs to use the energy saving ones, and I've made sure the house is properly insulated. I don't know, if we're serious about building a new house, maybe we should go for one of those energy efficient green ones that Leo DiCaprio is all excited about. He's hot enough to cause some global warming in my pants. (That was completely irrelevant, but I did love him in "Catch Me If You Can.") I think it would be worth the investment. And since I'm married to an almost hippie, I might not have to argue too much for it.
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