Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

The first time

After this

It had felt odd to kiss Orlando good night before going to Shy's room. Before, it had been the other way around, with Will being left behind in order to let him be with the other man. Not so tonight. Will knew that the day would come when he and Shy would consummate their relationship, but he'd never dreamed that the kid would want it to be one on one. That fact made him love the guy even more. Now, freshly showered and wearing just his bathrobe, Will couldn't believe how nervous he was as he gently knocked on the door and was told to enter.

When Will entered Shy's room, he smiled at seeing the younger man sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed, and his nerves immediately vanished.

"Hey, what's this? I thought you'd be naked and waiting for me in--"

Will was cut off by Shy standing up and kissing him. Soon, his robe was opened and slipped from his shoulders.

"I thought you'd want to undress me," Shy whispered. "I know how much you love ripping Orli's clothes off him."

Will laughed and quickly stripped Shy's shirt off. "Nice," he murmured, lowering his head to kiss Shy's throat before pushing him back onto the bed. "Very nice." He crawled on top of Shy and gave him a slow, lazy kiss on the mouth, feeling more in control than he ever had with him before.

Shy wrapped his arms around Will's neck and arched under him. He could feel how hard Will already was and it made him feel good to know it was all because of him. He hoped that Will could feel his own arousal and understand that what he was feeling was more than mutual. When Will began kissing a trail from his mouth down to his throat, Shy shifted under him and smiled.

"Beautiful," Will whispered, continuing down to Shy's stomach. He looked up to see Shy close his eyes and took that opportunity to slowly slide his shorts down. Dropping soft kisses onto Shy's legs as he took the shorts off him completely, Will took his time working his way back up to Shy's belly to lick his tattoo.

Will's mouth felt as if it was scorching his skin, and Shy whimpered when those lips began to tease his erection.

"Christ," Shy breathed as Will urged his legs apart and began to tease his opening. "In a hurry?" he asked, feeling just as eager to feel Will inside him.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," Will said, licking his fingers as he continued getting Shy ready. "I swear, I'll be more subtle afterwards."

Shy giggled and stroked Will's hair. "It's all right, love. I'm really wanting you to bang the life out of me."

Will raised his head and grinned. "Seriously?"

"No," Shy said with a little roll of his eyes. "I'm horny as hell for you and want you to balance my checkbook." He playfully swatted Will's head, then grabbed his hair. "Fuck me, Will," he purred.

"Spread 'em, Shy," Will growled in return, scrambling into position as soon as Shy complied.

There wasn't a sound in the room but their breathing as Will pressed the head of his cock to Shy, then pushed forward to bury himself as deeply inside him as he could.

Shy let out a low groan and wound his arms around Will's neck. "Finally," he whispered, looking up at Will with a smile.

Will nodded and touched his mouth to Shy's. "Finally."
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