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Your result for The Heart Test...

Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart

Dependent, Idealistic, Passionate, Indulgent

You are the most spirited of hearts, the Bleeding Heart. You are softhearted - you value harmony and idealism, and you desire love. You are very openly passionate about this and are fiery and emotional. You want the perfect love, both emotional and sensual, elegant and explosive. You want the best of both worlds.

Matches for the Bleeding Heart:

The Hero's Heart

The Hero's Heart shares your idealistic nature and want for harmony and unity, as well as your fiery passion. The Hero is more independent than you, however, but you will find this to be an honorable quality. The Hero believes in true love and will be there for you, but the more self-reliant nature will be a good contrast to your more neediness.

The Slave to Emotions

The Slave to Emotions shares your neediness and need for harmony in a relationship, and your idealistic values. The shave will show you intimacy that you desire and will go well with your passionate nature.

The Rogue's Heart

The Rogue's Heart is loving and passionate, craving love just as you do. The Rogue is more forthcoming and candid than you, but you will be able to accept this trait, especially if you are more submissive, as Bleeding Hearts tend to be, and perhaps even appreciate it due to the Rogue's other more loving and devoted traits.

Your exact opposite is The Pragmatic Heart.

Avoid Realists when possible. You'll want someone who believes in true love, a true hero to nurture your bleeding heart. Intimates, too, may not be passionate enough for you, though you may appreciate their sense of deep loving. Explicit relationships must also be pursued with caution unless they are balanced with the qualities you appreciate in a mate.

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