Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Meme from Ray

1. Today I... reorganized my office and found some of the first pictures of me and Orli.
2. Tomorrow I will... repaint the shed.
3. I want to be... Batman. He has the best toys.
4. I can't... wait for the presidential race to be over.
5. I am afraid of... being murdered.
6. Yesterday was... another day in paradise at Chez Bloom/Porter/York.
7. I love... grilled cheese sandwiches.
8. My best friend... has known me the longest of anyone but Mom.
9. My significant other... is better than your significant other. Nyah.
10. The last time I drove... was uneventful.
11. Supper last night... wasn't bad. Shy cooked.
12. Work is... good for the soul.
13. I can... hear a faucet dripping. I need to fix that.
14. I hate... injustice.
15. Sex is... plentiful.
16. I use my tongue when... I taste things.
17. I fake... being annoyed by things Shy does. I think he's catching on.
18. My favorite person right now is... my significant other.
19. My number one friend on myspace is... Britney Spears? I don't have a myspace account. I'm over the age of 11.
20. Whipped cream is for... licking.
21. I need... liquid refreshment.
22. The most important thing I learned today... I need more file folders.
23. My underwear is... clean.
24. I'm addicted to... my Boo.
25. I have a crush on... a few folks.
26. I am crushed on by... someone I don't know about?
27. The threesome was... *grins* personal.
28. Dancing is... a great way to feel someone up.
29. My favorite position... is varied.
30. I am touching... myself. I just scratched an itch on my arm.
31. I am looking at... my computer monitor.
32. I am tasting... thirst.
33. The last person I loved was... dangerous.
34. The person I love now... is unbelievably important to me.
35. My least favorite person is... my ex wife.
36. My ex was ... controlling.
37. I can take... a lot before I explode.
38. I can be... goofy a lot of the time.
39. Time is my... third favorite news magazine.
40. I will never... go back to Peter.
41. My shirt... has a stain on it. I just noticed.
42. The craziest thing I did... got me into trouble.
43. My heart... must go on. I love you, Celine!
44. My one true love... wears my ring.
45. My favorite sport is... tennis.
46. My lips... are surprisingly soft for a dude.
47. My eyes... are blue.
48. I keep thinking about... Lani. I think I need to take him to the vet.
49. Deep down I am... a pushover.
50. I think I am... less nice than people think.
51. I want people to know... that I am in love with more than one man.
52. I don't get why... people who can't afford it keep having more kids.
53. I hear... Judge Judy.
54. I can't wait for... People's Court.
55. My life is... practically perfect in every way.
56. Last night I was... starring in my very own porn.
57. I have too many... pens.
58. I play with my... lover's Wii.
59. I drive when... I get behind the wheel.
60. I cry when... I'm happy or sad or frustrated or hurt. I am a woman.
61. I scream when... I'm feeling good, having a good time, getting hurt, warning someone to get out of the water because there's a shark behind them. That last one doesn't happen much.
62. It drives me crazy when... [CENSORED]
63. The rain... makes the flowers grow.
64. I can trust... everyone close to me.
Tags: meme 08
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