Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Surprising Shane

ooc: Bendytime! Shane's birthday is the 27th, so pretend this is backdated without me actually backdating it. Merci.

As usual, the trip from the island back to Hartford was pleasantly uneventful. Orlando and Shy had just gotten back from their honeymoon and were still adjusting to the time change, but Orli had insisted on being there for Shane's birthday. That had made Will love his husband even more, and the fact that Shy had been excited to meet his sort of brother-in-law made everything absolutely perfect. Will was nervous that this would be the first time Shy would be meeting Inez, but he was sure the younger man would make a good impression. He was concerned about Shane's reaction, too, but he hoped that the surprise celebration would temper anything negative if it should arise.

Pulling up in front of the house, Will kills the engine and turns to Orlando. "All right. Ready to surprise the birthday boy? Mom said that she's keeping him busy with chores. Oh, and Pete's going to be stopping by later. He really wants to see you and meet your child groom."

"Hey!" Shy pipes up from the back seat and gives Will a light swat on the head.
Tags: mom, orlando, shane, shy
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