Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

Dreaming [for lt_wes_janson]

[Bendy-timed for when Shy and Orli are away on their honeymoon so that Will won't be woken up if he's tossing and turning.]

Whether or not it was the fact he was alone or the fact that he'd been overthinking things a lot more than usual lately, Will was having a harder and harder time falling asleep. Shy and Orli were away, no doubt having a spectacular time in Australia, and the isolation of the island made him feel a hundred times more lonely than he would have been otherwise. The silence was worse at night when all the animals were asleep and he was in bed alone. That's when his thoughts began to replay all the mistakes he'd made in his life, all the people he'd hurt and the people he'd lost. He fretted over things that might have happened but didn't, he worried about things that were still to come, and as it grew later and later, he started letting in the grief he'd been trying to keep at bay over the last few months. The fact that Wes and Aidan were gone had been processed but never accepted. One of Will's greatest gifts was the ability to deny his feelings and bottle them up, a talent honed over years of living with his father. But it was in these moments, the times when it was quiet enough for him to get wrapped up inside his own head without distraction, that he couldn't keep anything bottled up any longer.

After several nights of insomnia and several days of working himself to the point of exhaustion in the hopes of getting to sleep, he finally fell into the deepest slumber he'd ever had. The deepest sleep usually meant the most vivid dreams for him, and because he'd been thinking so much about his friends, it was no surprise to him when he suddenly found himself smack dab in the cafe where he and Wes had first enjoyed a drink and some conversation. Wes was sitting across from him, and Will made no attempt to stifle his squeal of excitement as he leapt to his feet and threw his arms around the other man.

"It's about damn time I got to see you!"
Tags: dreaming, wes
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