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TM235. Show us where you live.

I'd thought about talking about Casco Island and describing the beauty of this place, but you can pick up a book (hopefully, the one Orli and I have done about our life here will be in stores soon) or do a Google search to find out about the island itself. Then, I thought that I would pull out the article Vanity Fair magazine ran about our home when we allowed one of their reporters to come out and interview us. There were pictures of the cabin and the animals who seem to run the place, the boats we have, the ATVs and mountain bikes. All of the things that make up different parts of the place we call home.

But then I really thought about this and realized that I while I might reside here, I don't only live here. This cabin on this island is where I keep my things, where I cook for the people I love, where I entertain and share the joy and pain that comes with being a human being. But I live anywhere I'm surrounded by people who love me and accept me for who I am. I live wherever the people who hold my heart happen to be. To show you that, I could pull out a picture album and point to the photos of my mom, Peter, Orlando, Shy, Evie, Shane, friends I've lost, friends I adore, the special people who have touched my life in one way or another.

And I hope, deeply and sincerely, that when I die, a piece of me will live on in their memories.
Tags: evie, friends, home, mom, orlando, peter, shane, shy, tmuse
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