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Shy and Will

The time spent at the resort in St. Bart's couldn't have been more amazing. Shy had been able to see his mother again, Orlando had proposed to him, and Will had gotten the chance to do a little bonding with both Shy and Orli's future mother-in-law. In a way, he supposed Claire was going to be his in-law, too, since Shy wasn't really only marrying Orli. The moment he said 'I do,' he was going to be a full-fledged member of the family, a permanent fixture in the relationship. That thought made Will smile as he unpacked his bag and pulled out some of the souvenirs he'd bought for his mother and for Peter. Sandy had been given her present when they'd gotten home - a coral and silver earrings and necklace set - and had promised that she'd had a great time babysitting the animals and taking care of the house. She'd also been pleased to have the opportunity to chat with Shy while Orli and Will unloaded the boat. When Will had taken her back to the mainland, she'd informed him that he, Orli and Shy made for a bizarre arrangement but a sweet relationship, and that he and Orli would be idiots to let Shy go. The more time Will spent with Shy, the more he could agree with her sentiment and wished that he could be as openly affectionate towards Shy as he truly wanted to be. The accusation that he'd only been taken by Shy's physical resemblance to his husband had stung Will ever since Shy had made it. Will knew that it had been his own fear of opening up his heart to the young man that had only let him think of him as a different version of Orlando. But from the moment he knew Shy was aware of it, and probably hurt by it, he'd allowed himself to become attached and give in to his feelings. The problem now was convincing Shy that he did indeed see him for who he was and loved him for it.

"You got a minute?"

Will's thoughts were interrupted by the question, and he smiled as he turned to see Shy standing in the doorway.

"For you I have five," he teased, waving for Shy to come all the way in.

"Wow, aren't I the lucky one, then?" Shy t eased in return, taking a seat on the bed and watching Will as he continued to unpack.

Will nodded. "You are. Last I heard, you were getting married," he added with a wink.

Shy's face lit up at the mention of the engagement and he fell back on the bed with a contented sigh. "Can't believe it, you know. It's all happened so fast, I feel like my head's spinning. But I wouldn't change a moment of it."

"I'm glad, sweetheart. You deserve to be happy. You and Orli both."

"And what about you?" Shy turned on his side and propped himself up on an elbow. "Are you happy?"

Another nod and Will put the now empty bag on floor so he could sit on the bed next to Shy. "I am. Very happy."

"How could you be if your husband wants to be married to someone besides you?"

Will furrowed his brow slightly. "Didn't Orli tell you that I was okay with it?"

"Yeah, he did," Shy said, reaching to trail his fingers along Will's arm. "But I'm not sure how you can be if you don't feel the same way for me that Orli feels." He smiled when he saw Will's skin break out in gooseflesh from his touch, then raised his eyes to him. "How come you're not upset that I'm going to be around forever?"

It felt strange to be alone with Shy. Usually, either the three of them were together or Shy was alone with Orlando. Being alone with Shy in his bedroom was a little more exciting than Will thought it should have been. It was the only reason he could find to explain why such an innocent touch made his heart beat a little faster.

"Because I want you around forever," Will said softly, looking at Shy and hoping that his sincerity was clear.

There was a flicker of interest in Shy's eyes. "You do?"



Will couldn't help smiling at the expression on Shy's face. It was part skepticism, part relief, all wrapped up in a heartbreakingly innocent smile.

"Really," Will said softly.

Shy thought it over for a moment or two, then nodded his head. "So you sort of might love me, too? For real?"

"Oh, sweetheart..." Will couldn't help himself and leaned in to touch a soft kiss to Shy's mouth. He was tired of Shy not believing that he could love him the way Orlando loved him. The kiss quickly became deeper, more insistent, and when Shy began responding to it, Will gently pushed him onto his back and covered his body with his own.

The moan that escaped Shy's lips was swallowed by the kiss. He raised his arms, wrapping them around Will and arching against him, the intensity of his reaction surprising. Will pulled back and looked down at him, a comically curious expression on his face.

"What?" Shy asked, a teasing smile on his face. "Forgotten what it's like to kiss me?"

"No, that's not it," Will laughed, brushing a few errant curls back from Shy's face. "I just... You haven't kissed me like that before." He narrowed his eyes. "And if I'm not mistaken, I think you're getting a woody."

Giggling, Shy pushed his hip upwards. "Could be. And if I'm not mistaken, that kiss was all for me."

"It was, but what do you mean?" Will was more than a little confused. Then, tilting his head a little, he thought he saw a glimmer of something in Shy's eyes. It was a glimmer similar to the one he'd seen in Orlando's when they were falling in love.

"I mean, I remember what it was like when you'd kiss me before, when you were still thinking of me as another Orli," Shy said, rubbing his hands over Will's shoulders. "I didn't feel that this time."

Will's heart began to beat faster, and he felt hopeful as he watched the other man's face. "What did you feel this time?"

"I felt that thing Orli's always talking about when he describes how much you love him."

"That's called an erection, baby," Will said, giggling now, too.

"No!" Shy laughed, slapping Will's arm. "I mean, I get it now. That kiss was for me because you love me and you don't think of me as anyone but myself."

Will's face lit up. "You got all of that from one kiss?"

"Uh huh. That and overhearing you talking on the phone to Peter about me when we were in the islands."

A blush joined the smile on Will's face. "Ah, so you know I'm crazy about you."


"And you know that both you and Orlando are important to me."

Shy nodded in response.

"So would you..." Will licked his lips, suddenly nervous and very aware that he was more than ready to take things further, right there in the bedroom he shared with Orlando. "If I told you that I love you--"

"I'd believe you, yeah," Shy whispered. "And I might say I feel the same way," he added, looking a little uncertain.

"You don't sound to sure about that," Will said, gently brushing his fingers over Shy's cheek.

"I'm not. I mean, it's weird."

Will could tell that Shy really wanted to explain what he meant, so he slowly sat up again. As he carefully watched the younger man, he told himself that no matter how irresistible Shy was being, he'd keep his hands to himself until Shy'd had his say.

"How is it weird, sweetheart?" he asked, ready for Shy to tell him he couldn't return his feelings.

Shy rolled onto his side once more, offering Will a small smile. "When I think of the way I love Orlando, it's this feeling that's so huge, I wonder if it'll just make me burst one day. You know what I mean?"

"I know exactly what I mean," Will said with a knowing grin. "That's how I feel about him."

"Yeah, I figured that," Shy chuckled. "You look all lovesick when you think no one's looking."

"Oh, and you don't?" Will countered. "I've seen actual puppy dogs give fewer puppy dog looks than you."

"All right, that's enough," snorted Shy, smacking Will's arm again.

"One more time and it's officially abuse," Will teased.

"Like you don't grab me and Orli all the time!" Shy protested. "I'm surprised I don't have bruises in the shape of your hands on my arse."

Will sobered, pretending to very serious. "That is something entirely different."

"Whatever!" Shy laughed and quickly moved to pounce on Will, knocking him onto his back and straddling his hips. "You need to stop interrupting me and let me tell you what I'm trying to tell you."

Looking up at Shy, Will couldn't stop giggling. "Okay, I'll be quiet if you shift just a little to your left."

Shy's eyes widened and he moved. "Sorry, am I hurting you?" he asked quickly.

"No, I just wanted to feel a little more friction."

"Now that's really enough," Shy said, trying to sound exasperated but smiling despite himself. "I've got to finish explaining."

Will mimed zipping his lips and nodded his head, giving Shy his cue to continue.

"Right," Shy nodded, deliberately squirming on top of Will now in order to tease him just a little more. "So, there's this huge Orlando love that I know you understand. What I feel for you is different. It's like... Well, I guess it's a sort of Will love. I'm not sure how to handle loving two people. I absolutely couldn't do it with Tom because we were apart. And now I'm having feelings for you and it's all so muddled in my head, but it's easier because you're here and I've really been seeing how much you care about me."

"I didn't think you'd noticed," Will admitted.

"I've noticed. And... Will, you've done so much for me and you've never asked for anything in return."

"I wouldn't ever ask. I just like doing things for you and for Orli when I can."

Shy nodded and took in a slow, deep breath, letting it out just as slowly and carefully taking hold of Will's hand. "I've been having feelings for you ever since that night on the beach when I watched you and Mum dancing around the fire like a couple of mad drunken natives."

The description made Will laugh, but he didn't say anything as Shy continued. He was afraid his voice would crack or he'd tear up if he tried to talk. He'd been waiting for a while to know that Shy could one day return his feelings, and now that he was hearing that, it was even better than he'd imagined.

"It's like I could finally see what Orli does," Shy continued, unaware of the way he was affecting Will. "I looked at you and thought, 'God, there's a man I want in my life,' and it made me feel the way I did when Orli and I first got together." He smiled and gave Will's hand a squeeze. "I've got to ask you to be patient while I get used to the fact I'm really feeling like this, though."

Will squeezed back. "I will," he said softly. "And even if you never love me--"

"I do love you," Shy interrupted. "But I want to take things slower with you than I did with Orli and Tom."

That little admission made Will smile so widely, it was as if the smile was glued to his face. "Sorry, you lost me after you said you love me," he said. He couldn't wait to tell Orli.

Shaking his head, Shy laughed and leaned down. "You're ridiculous, you know."

"Yeah, I am," Will said softly, wrapping his arms around him. "Get used to it," he whispered, pulling Shy in for a kiss.
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