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January 5th, 2009 - Will Porter — LiveJournal
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August 2011

Will Porter
Date: 2009-01-05 17:24
Subject: Oh puhleeze!
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Tags:musings 09, talia 09
I panicked for a moment today when I thought I'd already broken my vow to post everyday, then I remembered I'd posted that meme. Phew. It might not technically be a journal entry, but I'll let it count. This is hard.

I emailed Talia. I was going to call her but changed my mind when I thought that it would piss me off too much to have her hang up on me. I haven't heard anything back yet. She probably deleted it. Which is fine. It'll let me know that it's a useless pursuit to try and mend something that's not mendable.

I keep hearing a lot about the gaffe Kathy Griffin made during the live broadcast of CNN's New Year's Eve show (along with that hottie Anderson Cooper). She said the word "tits" to a heckler and now the world is ending. Really? We don't have better things to worry about or report? For context, apparently there were some people heckling her while she was trying to do her shtick with AC. I bet it's those Jesus folks she offended by telling JC to suck it when she won the Emmy. Anyway, when AC was getting ready to cut to commercial, KG must have thought they'd already gone because she started telling at the heckler to shut up and said, "I don't go down to your job and smack the tits out of your mouth." I'm not sure I get the joke here, but KG had to apologize today, I think. It annoys me that rules for these sorts of things seem so arbitrary. I guess it's okay to have teenagers simulating oral sex in prime time as long as neither of them says the word "tits" while they do it. And the same people who get upset that a grown woman said a word for boobies on TV when little kids should be in bed, anyway, probably beat their children and swear in front of them all the time. So, as a show of solidarity with Ms. G, I offer the seven words: shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits. If only I was on live television. I bet I could get some heads to explode. What's her face is probably that kind of prissy c*nt with her kid.
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