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Will Porter
my journal
August 2011

Will Porter
Date: 2008-12-24 16:44
Subject: Playing Santa
Security: Public
Tags:xmas 08
Thanks to the miracle of overnight delivery, Will had managed to get his friends' Christmas presents out on time this year. Those on his Christmas list (checked twice) were given gifts as follows:

Mom - a Swarovski crystal watch ("It's time you upgraded, Mom.")
Shane - a leather jacket ("Fitting for the coolest little brother a guy could have.")
Peter - fruit of the month club ("For the biggest fruit I know.")
Legolas (assume he's getting this in person) - handcrafted hunting knife with bog wood and mother of pearl handle ("I found something made from stuff older than you! (The wood's supposed to be 5000 years old.) It's not as beautiful as you are, though. But what is??")
Snake and Bria - a snowball launcher, sheepskin slippers and turkish bathrobes ("For the snowball battle and the snuggling after.")
Logan and Heather - a romantic dinner for two made at home by a personal chef for the night of your choosing ("Enjoy it, you crazy kids. That's an order!")
Tom (assuming he's back at home with his boyfriend) - a "sensual pleasures" gift basket ("I bet you're really ready to use this.")
Wes and Aidan - a bottle of Dom Perignon and two crystal champagne flutes ("For the first of many toasts together in this new life.")
Hunter - an Open Hearts diamond necklace ("What every Baby Mama is wearing this season.")
Kate - an emerald pendant on a white gold necklace ("For the woman who always knows how to make me blush.")
Ray - a set of heated sheepskin carseat covers for the Riv ("Wishing you toasty buns this season!")
Mia - a leatherbound journal ("You strike me as someone with a lot of thoughts that should be put to paper.")
Ann and Helene - a year of housekeeping services ("Mom told me how much you guys needed some help around the house. Just be quiet and say thank you. Well, you know what I mean.")
Rebecca and Jared - checks to go into college funds, two activity play centers ok'd by the moms and delivered by Santa ("For your eyes only (but to be read by Mommy Ann): I know you're still too young to know who the hell heck we are, but your Godfather Orlando and Goddaddy Will love you from your pudgy little faces to your pink little toes. P.S. I owe you tummy tickles next time I see you.")
Sandy - an assortment of french milled soaps ("See? I remember your favorite things.")
Ynez - a gift certificate for A Pea in the Pod and a GC for a spa day ("Something for Mama before Baby arrives.")

In addition, everyone on his friends list was sent a card with a gift certicate good for a one pound box of Godiva chocolates.
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Will Porter
Date: 2008-12-24 20:07
Subject: For Andre
Security: Public
Tags:andre, xmas 08
Thank you so much for the lovely gift! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a spectacular New Year.

And I hope you like a fine scotch because it's on its way.
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