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Happy Birthday to the Boo

"Careful," Will whispers when he sees Shy almost lose control of the tray he's carrying. "Do you want me to take that?"

"No," Shy scowls. "The deal was I get to carry the tray, you carry the presents. I've got it now."

"Maybe I shouldn't have loaded you up so much," Will says softly. "Or we could have made two trips."

"I've got it," Shy says, a little annoyed now. "You're going to wake him up if you don't stop talking so much."

"We're going to wake him up, anyway," Will grins at the younger man. "Otherwise what's the point in surprising him with breakfast in bed?"

"I still think you made too much food," Shy teases, knowing full well he'll be able to finish off whatever doesn't get eaten by the other two.

"Uh huh. And I'm the king of Spain," Will counters. "Come on," he says, putting the bags of presents he's carrying in one hand and opening the bedroom door with the other.

Concentrating on not spilling a drop of juice, but slightly distracted by the wonderful smells of Orli's favorite breakfast coming from the plates, Shy almost bumps into the doorframe as he makes his way into the bedroom. He catches himself before, though, and smiles smugly at Will as he passes inside and stands at the foot of the bed. Will walks over to stand next to him, smiling at the still sleeping figure of his husband. He looks at Shy, then mouths One, two, three.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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