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Finally, after two weeks (and much neglecting of tags), I've organized a timeline of Will's history. It lists relevant dates and the points of his life when the events in the stand alone stories I've written for him would have occurred. It's mainly a tool for me to keep straight what I have and haven't shared about his life through fic. The boy's been with me since 2000/2001, so I forget what I've shared in LJ fics and what's only in my old writings, notes and outlines about his life story. It's also a way for me to keep track of what's happened to him since I brought him into TM and he became a real boy! I'll keep adding to this list as I write fics for him or major events (or minor details I have to remember) happen. There are very few RP links because I'm focusing on the fics, and the vague dates are a frame of reference for my own faulty memory.

1934 - August 3 / Tobias Alan Porter born

1950 - November 29 / Catherine Mary Inez Wilson born

1969 - September 17 / Tobias Charles Harper born (half brother)

1972 - May 20 / Evelyn Rose Harper born (half sister)

August 20 / Tobias Porter and Inez Wilson marry

December 12 / Peter Cavanaugh born

1973 - March 15 / William Tobias Porter born

June 7 / Talia Brago born

1974 - December / Cynthia Harper (mother of Will's half brother and sister) contacts Tobias

1977 - January 13 / Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom born

April 2 / (Fic) Will's fish dies

(Fic) Will learns about magic

1978 - July
(Fic) Will hides at home

October 17 / Kevin Strasser born

1979 - March 15 / Will sees "Pinocchio"

1980 - May / First communion (Fic)

1981 - April
(Fic) Will learns about sex

1982 - March / Will writes a letter to God (Fic)

1983 - October
(Fic) Musing about bullies

1984 - February / Inez's brother John (Uncle Scooter) dies (complications from AIDS suspected)

August / Camping (TM)

September 25 / Meets Peter TM post

November 20 / Grammy Fae dies

December 3 / (Fic) Will steals

1985 - February 1 / Grandpa Porter dies

1986 - December 21 / Grandma Porter dies

1987 - July 8 / Grampa Lou dies

1988 - Sophomore year / Starts playing tennis, running

1989 - July
(Fic) Drunk

(Fic) Hanging out with Peter

(Fic) Camping

1990 - May
(Fic) Hanging out with Peter

Summer / Starts lifeguarding during summer break (also 1991 and 1992, quits after he gets married)

(TM post) Dangerous thing

(Fic) Will and Inez talk about Tobias

1991 - June / Graduates from Hartford Public High School

Summer / Starts weight training after graduation

(Fic) Will serenades a girl

1992 - January
(Fic) Postcard to Peter

(Fic) Makes plans with Peter

1993 - February 10 / Talia tells Will she's pregnant (Fic)

February 14 / Officially proposes to Talia

Spring break / Has falling out with Peter

April 14 / Marries Talia (Musing)

1995 - Graduates from Univeristy of Georgia

1997 - Graduates from University of Iowa

October / Starts working at Hamilton-Fairhaven

(Fic) Work Christmas party

1998 - May / Buys house with Talia

June / Housewarming party aftermath (Fic)

1999 - August / Tobias retires from Hamilton-Fairhaven

2000 - September
(Fic) Sick

2001 - February 20 / Tobias dies (TM post mention

2002 - April 14 / (Fic) An anniversary dinner

(Fic) At home

2003 - Sees "Pirates of the Caribbean"; contemplates concept of boy crush

2005 - February / Kory (Peter's boyfriend of seven years) dies; Will reunites with Peter at Kory's funeral (Fic)

March / Talia discovers affair with Peter, files for divorce

(Fic) Seeing Talia

(Fic) Hanging with Peter and needing food

(Fic) Eating in bed

June 27 / Divorce is finalized (Fic)

(Fic) Getting high with Peter

August / Transfers to Seattle TM post

(Fic) Just moved in

(Fic) Homesick

November 3 / Wendell born

2006 - February
(Fic) At work

March 5 / Creates online journal (link)

(Fic) Calling Peter

March 9 / Joins online community, first introduction (link)

March 10 / Meets Kevin

March 11 Meets Orlando online (link)

(Fic) Phone call with Talia

March 20 / Cynthia Harper dies

March 24 / (Fic) Will goes away for the weekend with Kevin

March 30 / (Fic) Will and Sandy at work

April 3 / Kevin gives Wendell to Will

(Fic) Calling Peter

(Fic) Making up with Peter

(Fic) Fooling around with Kevin

(Fic) Hanging out with Kevin

(Ficlets) All about Wendell

April 16 / Will moves in with Kevin

April 19 / Peter saves Lani and Jake (Journal post)

(Fic) Dessert with Kevin

(Fic) Naked with Kevin

(Fic) Depressed

(Fic) Sleepy with Kevin

May 14 / Mother's Day visit (Fic)

(Fic) Will and Kevin discuss politics

May 31 / Quits his job

(Fic) Playing checkers with Kevin

(Fic) Will learns of his boss's passing

July 25 / Cordelia Chase Bloom "dies"

(Fic) Will calls his mom

August 15 / Will posts after being MIA (RP)

August 24 / Will talks to Kevin about going to Scotland (Fic)

(Fic) Will calls Peter

(Fic) Will and Kevin talk

August 30 / Meets Orlando in person in Scotland

September 1 / Wes and Aidan's wedding.

September 2 / (Fic)

(Fic) Will calls Kevin from New York a couple of days before Snake's wedding

After Snake's wedding, meets Jason in NY and gets Blade (he and Orli pick him up on the way to Hartford for the first meeting between Inez, Peter and Orli)

(Fic) A private talk with Peter during Orli's first visit.

(Fic) A private talk with Inez.

(Fic) Will thinks about his new relationship

(TM post) Musing before getting ready to leave Kevin

September 14 / Ends relationship with Kevin (Fic) - attack

Police interviews

(Fic) Will calls Peter from the hospital

September 15 / Christine (Elyse) Bloom born, passes

(Fic) Reflections on Kevin

(Fic) Late night talk with Mom

(Fic) Will and Peter fight

Orli finds out Cordy's alive (late sept/early oct?)

(Fic) Inez meets the press

(Fic) Chatting with Peter

(Fic) Time with Inez

(Fic) Will's relationship with Peter changes

(Post) Dork sends Orli mix CDS

(Fic) Tunnel

October 31 / Will and Orli make love for the first time

(Fic) Talking to Mom

November 18 / Talia remarries

(Fic) Planning for Mom's birthday

November 29 / Receives letter from Evie

(Fic) Puppy love

(Fic) Dream

(Fic) A dinner

(Fic) In a good mood

(Fic) Wrapping presents

December 6 / Will tells Inez about letter from Evie.

(Fic) Will writes a love letter

December 11 / Orli's divorce final (post in Orli's LJ)

(Fic) Blade muses before bedtime

(Fic) Will has fun as a woman

December 13 / Will meets Legolas

(Fic) Will muses about his proposal

December 24 / Will proposes to Orlando(RP)

(Fic) Will talks to Peter about his doubts regarding the engagement (Fic)

2007 - January
Isis joins the family

Will starts seeing Dr. David Blackney

January 13 / Orlando's birthday; Will throws him a surprise party; Orlando meets Legolas (invitation)

January 17 / Will gets paranoid about Kevin and locks his journal (I like this pic!)

January 17 / Cordy's kidnapped

January 21 / Will goes to L.A. and meets Evie in person

January 22 / Cordy's back

Kevin starts emailing Will (Emails) (More)

January 30 / Will knocks up Ann

Meeting in the woods

(Fic) Will loses his job

February 20 / Unlocks journal

(Fic) Will calls Evie about the babies

March 2 / Finds out Talia's pregnant

Post about parties (TM)

March 8 / Journal change; scrt_agt_man dies *happy dance*

March 11 / Receives final proof that Talia wasn't pregnant when they got married

March 15 / Will and Orlando get married in a secret ceremony. (RP) They honeymoon on a private island. (RP)

April 11 / Boys buy Casco Bay Island

April 23 / (Fic) Therapy (three parts)

May 8 / Wedding invitation posted

May 11 / (Fic) Therapy

May 25 / Public wedding ceremony (RP)

Reception (RP)

June / Will leaves Orlando on their honeymoon (RP)

August / Will returns home (RP)

September 27 / Jared William and Rebecca Sophia Foster-Duchamp born

Orli and Will make up soon thereafter

October 16 / Talia's baby due
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