Will Porter (will_porter) wrote,
Will Porter

MYL37.1. Make a list of your favorite articles of clothing.

In no particular order

Suit I got married in when it was just me and Orlando in Vermont.
Suit I got married in when we had the second wedding for our friends.
Kilt Orlando wore at Wes and Aidan's wedding.
T-shirt I stole from Orli when I had to head back to the States. I still have it in with my things.
"Porn Star" t-shirt.
Any of my jeans that have been properly broken in.
Running shoes.
Italian leather loafers.
Any of the t-shirts I work or run in.
Any of the shorts or sweats I work out in.
Light blue silk shirt.
Dark grey cashmere sweater.
Light blue cashmere sweater.
Tie Mom got me when I graduated with my MBA.
Jacket Orlando got me.
"Kiss Me, I'm Easy" t-shirt Pete got me.
Those leather pants I bought Orlando.
Shy's pink t-shirt.
Orli's saggy jeans. All of them.
Shy's shorts. All of them.
Tags: aidan, mom, myl, orlando, peter, shy, wes
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